Transparent. Social. Simple.

Transparent. Social. Simple.

Benefit for you

With the transparent faircollect collection system we offer, besides the environment and people in need, four possibilities for you to benefit from the collections and increase your income:

1. The most simple: You assign us a location where we are allowed to place our faircollect collections containers. The containers as well as the location are regularly checked by us and kept in order. For this you will receive a regular location rent from us. You don’t have any inconveniences with it.

2. You organize collection campaigns and sell us the used clothes and shoes you have collected. For this you will receive a weight-based remuneration. We will be happy to provide you with the faircollect collection containers required for the campaign.

3. We provide you with the required number of faircollect collection bins for your used clothing and shoes collection. You take care of the locations independently and empty the containers yourself. You deliver the collected goods to us in Ulm and receive the weight-based remuneration.

4. If you do not have your own site or if you cannot organize the collection yourself, we will reward the procurement of locations with a commission.

With options 1 and 3, benefit from the opportunity to design the collection containers entirely according to your ideas (e.g. paint, put up posters etc.).