We are happy to answer

your questions about faircollect.

We are happy to answer your questions about faircollect.

You still have questions…
… regarding our collection containers, the faircollect textile recycling system or GLAESER-textil in general?


Please get in touch with:
Mr. Christian Denning
Phone: 0731 3981-33
E-Mail: cdenning@glaeser-textil-ulm.de

Frequently asked questions

What is a suitable location for faircollect collection containers and how much rent do I get?

We can only answer this question individually, as location, number and frequency of the locations naturally play an important role. Anyone who has approximately 1m² of freely accessible space on their property can become a location provider at faircollect. For example, we have rental agreements with municipalities, private households, businesses, associations, social institutions …


What do I do if I have too many used clothes to deliver, but cannot take them to the collection container by myself?

In this case, we offer our “call to collect”-option and collect the quantities also directly from your home, if requested.


What do I do if I accidentally have thrown personal items into the container

In this case, we ask you to notify us immediately so that the valuables can be returned before the container is emptied. After emptying, there are almost no chances because due to the many faircollect partners and collections, there are thousands of tons involved in the collection and processing activities.


What do I do when the container is full?

Call us on 0731 3981 – extension 163 or 177 or write an email to jmuellek@glaeser-textil-ulm.de and we will take care of the emptying as soon as possible


What can I earn?

There are various possibilities, from organising a collection and sale on your own to providing and renting locations for our textile recycling containers. For more details please contact us.